Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cease and Desist Order Template

This is a Template that can be changed to suit your circumstances:

Dear Sir or Madam:

This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your and the “harmful sect”, Shri Ram Chandra Mission harassing and intimidating actions against my family, their friends, and I has become unbearable. Such anti-social behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. This letter is to demand that your and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission continuing involvement in, planning and encouragement of, recruitment of, information gathering, harassment and intimidation through “intellectual terrorism” with, but not limited to, such statements to create a false sense of urgency to join or enroll in your cult, by stating or implying impending “apocalyptic catastrophies”, through apocalyptic prophesies and/or “channelled messages from the deceased”, or hate mongering such as “homosexuality is un-natural…it is a very blatant misuse of so-called privileges of the human being fundamental rights” must CEASE AND DESIST immediately. Recruitment of my family, or their friends’ children for enrollment into your Religious Boarding School, the Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School, (or any other religious boarding school) managed and operated by the Shri Ram Chandra Mission created entity, the Baal Vatika Educational Society and the Baal Vatika Educational Foundation, the Chariji Education Development Society (CEDS), the Lalaji Memorial Educational Society, is also included in this CEASE AND DESIST ORDER. Should you and the Shri Ram Chandra continue to pursue these activities in violation of this CEASE AND DESIST ORDER, we will not hesitate to pursue further legal action against you and the Shri Ram Chandra Mission, including, but not limited to, civil action and/or criminal complaints.

[Insert specific harassment inicidents here. Be sure to include date and place of occurance]

Myself and my peers have a right to remain free from Shri Ram Chandra Mission's cultic, intimidating, manipulative, high-pressure, and underhanded recruitment tactics, and we will take the responsibility upon ourselves to protect that right. Note that a copy of this letter and a record of its delivery will be stored. Note also that it is admissible as evidence in a court of law and will be used as such if need be in the future.

This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER demands that you immediately discontinue and do not at any point in the future under any circumstances do the following to me regarding the Shri Ram Chandra Mission and their Lalaji Memeorial OMEGA School: pursue, harass, attack, strike, bump into, brush up against, push, tap, grab, hold, threaten by telephone (via cellular or landline, instant message, page, fax, email), follow, stalk, shadow, disturb my peace, keep me under surveillance, gather information about me and/or block my movements at home, work, social gatherings, religious functions and/or at any family member and/or their friends-sponsored activities.

[New York: Note that your behavior is a violation of New York State Penal Law Section 240.25 - Harassment in the First Degree, Section 240.26 - Harassment in the Second Degree, Section 240.30 - Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree, Section 240.45 - Criminal Nuisance in the Second Degree, Section 120.45 - Stalking in the Fourth Degree, Section 120.50 - Stalking in the Third Degree, Section 120.55 - Stalking in the Second Degree, Section 120.60 - Stalking in the First Degree, Section 135.60 - Coercion in the Second Degree and Section 105.00 - Conspiracy in the Sixth Degree.]

[Connecticut: Sec. 53a-181c - 1992, Stalking in the first degree, Sec. 53a-181d - 1992, Stalking in the second degree, Sec. 53a-181e - 1995. Stalking in the third degree, § 53a-182b. Harassment in the first degree, 53a-183. Harassment in the second degree]

[New Jersey: Note that your behavior is a violation of New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice Title 2C:12-10 - Stalking, Title 2C:33-34 - Harassment.]

[Maryland: Note that your behavior is a violation of Maryland State Code Title 3, Subtitle 8, Section 3-802 - Stalking, Section 3-803 - Harassment, Section 3-804 - Misuse of Telephone Facilities, Section 3-805 - Misuse of Electronic Mail, Subtitle 9, Section 3-901 - Visual Surveillance, Section 3-902 - Visual Surveillance with Pruient Intent and Section 3-906 - Divulging Private Communications.]

[Illinois: Note that your behavior is a violation of Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 720 ILCS 5/12-7.3 - Stalking, Chapter 720 ILCS 5/12-7.4 - Aggravated Stalking, Chapter 720 ILCS 5/12-7.5 - Cyberstalking, Chapter 720 ILCS 135/1-1 - Harassment by telephone, Chapter 720 ILCS 135/1-2 - Harassment through electronic communications, Chapter 720 ILCS 135/0.01 - 135/2 - Harassing and Obscene Communications Act and Chapter 720 ILCS 135/0.01 Short Title Harassing and Obscene Communications Act.

[Massachusetts: Note that your behavior is a violation of Massachusetts Criminal Statutes Chapter 265:37 - Violations of Constitutional Rights, Chapter 265:43 - Stalking, Chapter 265:43A - Criminal Harassment and Chapter 265:14A - Annoying Telephone Calls]

[In Washington DC: Note that your behavior is a violation of Federal Criminal Statutes 47 USC 223(a)(1)(c) - Obscene or Harassing Telephone Calls in the District of Columbia or in Interstate or Foreign Communications; District of Columbia Code, Title 22, Section 504 - Threatened Assault in a Menacing Manner; Stalking

[Virginia: Note that your behavior is a violation of the Criminal Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 18.2-60.3A - Stalking, Class 1 Misdemeanor and 18.2-60.3B - Stalking, Class 6 Felony.]

[California: Note that your behavior is a violation of the California Penal Code Subsection 646.9 - Stalking and 422 - Punishment for Threats]

[Texas: Note that your behavior is a violation of the Texas Penal Code Subsection 42.072(a)(b)(c) - Stalking and Subsection 42.07(a)(b)(c) - Harassment]

[Federal: Note that your behavior is a violation of US Federal Laws 18 USC Subsection 2265 Full Faith and Credit, 18 USC Subsection 2261A Interstate Stalking, 18 USC Subsection 875(c) Interstate Communications, 47 USC Subsection 223(a)(1)(c) Harassing Telephone Calls in Interstate Communications]

[Interstate Statues: Note that your behavior is a violation of Federal Criminal Statutes 18 USC 2261A - Interstate Stalking and 47 USC 223(a)(1)(c) - Obscene or Harassing Telephone Calls in the District of Columbia or in Interstate or Foreign Communications]

[Additional US state-by-state anti-stalking laws are available at: State Laws

Should you willfully choose to continue your current course of action, I will not hesitate to file a complaint with the Police Department for your ongoing violations of the Criminal Laws noted previously.

This letter does not constitute exhaustive statement of my position nor is it a waiver of any of my rights and/or remedies in this and/or any other related matter.

We demand your immediate compliance, and furthermore that you confirm in writing that all violative activity will cease immediately.

Very truly yours,

Sent via Priority Mail/Delivery Confirmation


Mr. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, President
Shri Ram Chandra Mission
19 North Street
Shri Ram Nagar
Chennai, 600 018

Copy to local Media

Index of Research Sites

Hi all...

I add this research material and comments on Sahaj Marg for your info and discussion, as Sahaj Marg is mentionned on this "Virtual Ashram"…I, like the “lion” that Abhyasis are supposed to become, dare to RRROAR! in the Holy Shrine!!


Information sets us free....

Babuji used to say: It’s better to have no Master than a bad one….

If we could find a “Perfect” man, there would be no problem with Guru Yoga, but we know how difficult that is. Chari, the current Master of the Shri Ram Chandra Misssion, claims to be a Master of “Humanity”, not “spirituality”. In other words he knows from his “business” skills how to “manipulate” people and handle large crowds and “grow the business”. That is not “sprituality” but it is “power” and it impresses some people (mostly women, 75% of Sahaj Marg abhyasis or "disciples" )….We are in a “idol worshipping” society and Chari has the “silver haired” look …and that “sells”. But that is image. The proof is in the "pudding".

The process of voluntarily “emptying” or “cleaning” or “(brain-) washing” will give one an experience specially when the “target” is immediately transmitted to in a “heart to heart” system that has been “cleansed” (washed voluntarily to get rid of all desires such as problems with family, friends, job, life in general). The “two on one heart” can be seen as simply a ‘electromagnetic” or “psycho-magnetic” toy or game and one could classify that as “spiritual masturbation”. If the serf receives “energy” it is the energy and the “bonding” with the “preceptor” or (priest). This is done on a weekly basis while the Guru is at his one of his many “cottages” or “vatika’s” (Vatican).

We chose our loves and friends that way (push out all others and allow only one (or a few that we love (have a chemical reaction with) or trust (survival mechanism) to “transmit” to us and that we “open ourselves to”. Love does not emanate from Sahaj Marg except in one direction: from the abhyasis to “love for the Master” and recently to the Mission and the Method, at the cost of the family, society, job, the planet, etc… Of course that will give one a focus of energy which Sahaj Marg claims is the “Divine” but Beware….Chari is not the ONE (God) and although they claim “brotherly love”, that is not the experience of those who have been “rejected” to “never be allowed in” again as Chari says. And that is not the experience of the “rejected” other members of the family and friends of those who become “abhyasis” or “serfs” as one book calls the “disciples”

To surrender completely and become a “living dead” (the ideal in Sahaj Marg) in the hands of a Funeral Director and push out all the “attractions of Life” is pushing away all “responsibilities” also. In Sahaj Marg, no one seems responsible, not even the Guru, for what is said and taught. That is the way Sahaj Marg operates. Much like a religion with a dictator at the helm (so a cult??). Although Chari blames the "lack of Love" in Sahaj Marg (see Lessons From Sahaj Marg) on the "preceptors", he ultimately has to be held responsible as the system aims at "spiritual cloning" or the abhyasi is to become a "copy" or a "clone" of the Master.

Chari is even now arranging Marriages between (western) women and Hindu men who he claims are better that “occidentals”. That is their nationalist “spirituality”. (recently posted on Elodie’s blog, The Desperate Abhyasi (see link below) by an “exited” and “grateful” woman soon to be married by Chari)

Before becoming “dependent” on the Sahaj Marg and the current Master (a retired Mill Manager with one of the largest Industrial consortiums in India:The TTK Group), and/or the chief Preceptor (retired General Manager of State Bank of Mysore), and in charge of Foreign Affairs and Internet, (businessman and real estate developer, Austin, Texas) do some research in Europe and in North America. There are many blogs by "insiders", ex-disciples, preceptors, and leaders of many schisms.

Check out the composition and spiritual status of the “management team”. There have been accusations from within the group, that Chari is appointing only “Brahmins” (Hindu Upper class) to the “Management Team”. Books apparently written by some of the “insiders” such as “You too can sell” and “You too can be Rich” (S. Prakash) does not reflect “spirituality”, or the good of society, but selling of Material Goods and shows one aspect of the "philosophy" (or "no philosophy", as Chari, the Master claims is Sahaj Marg) of the Management TEAM of SRCM. These are not professors or philosophy as Dr. Varadachari, (Guru in waiting before Chari and his gang took over the society) or persons who have devoted their time and effort to the good of the community, but they are "self-serving" to themselves and to their wealthy (inter-nationalist) "clients".

So carefull about “emptying” your Mind to be filled in a “heart to heart” (also called "two on a heart" or "two on a Mind", as in hypnosis) transmission by Salesmen, Materialists or by psychologist, and psychiatrists from the “International Spritual Psychiatry Association”, (Europe) members of which are “preceptors of Sahaj Marg and who did and do research on their “abhyasi clients” (54 of them in Europe) for the benefit of their professional status and then for the benefit of the SRCM Mission. Chari arranged a meeting with this organization at his Ashram in India in the 1980’s after a seminar of that organization in Israel. Members of this organization are also contributors to the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation: SMSF,
the think tank of SRCM which was founded by Dr. Varadachari and is now controlled by the Chari Faction registered in California in 1997, or the SRCM (Chennai)

Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Chennai) (registered in California, in 1997 and managed from Chennai) is the Faction that calls Chari, ex CEO and ex-Manager of a Mill for the TTK Group of Companies in India, MASTER. See bulletin confirming status of SRCM (Chennai)

Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Shahjahanpur): (site of the Family of Founder, Babuji, registered in India in 1945)

Site of the SRCM (Shahjahanpur), the Family of the Founder, who refused to acknowledge Chari as the Successor of Babuji. See site (under "succession") for allegations of "forgery", and more...


(see documents and allegations under "successor", then "facts" and "Who can be?")


Supreme Court of India (Docket)
Shri Ram Chandra Mission & ANR versus P. Rajagopalachari & ORS
Civil Appeal No. 6619 of 2000

Allahabad High Court
The Pioneer (Daily Newspaper) vs Members of Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Newpaper The Pioneer CMYK Printech Ltd. (re sexual abuse article at SRCM that appeared in 2002) Criminal Misc Application 7930 of 2003 by The Pioneer to quash defamation cases 3199 of 20o2, Criminal Misc. Application 7931 of 2003 to quash defamation case 3200 of 2002, Criminal Misc Application 7932 of 2003 to quash the defamation case 3198 of 2002.

A Clarification has been sent by "anonymous" (SRCM-Shahjahanpur??) with mention of a "retraction" from the accuser at a hearing with the "National Human Rights Commission for Women". A link or a scan of the document has been requested. It will be posted here.

Navneet (Babuji's grandson) answers questions on TELL ME TRUTH INDIA site: (see Comments only)

On the Sufi lineage of Lalaji and Sahaj Marg, and the schisms in this Spiritual (Spirituality and Spiritualism) read (the old Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) on Wikipedia article has been deleted, read it here):

Lessons from Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) : (The old Wikipedia articles-now deleted from Wiki)

Lessons From Sahaj Marg (The old Wikipedia Articles-now Deleted from Wiki)

For a more comprehensive history of SRCM, see:

The Sahaj Marg Project:


The History of Shri Ram Chandra Mission:



Chari by French Abhyasi 01/06/2008
KC Narayana by Peter (French ex Preceptor of SRCM)
Transcript of video/audio tapes of talks by Chari, Nov. 2001


Dr. Chatterbuy’s group who was a true disciple of Lalaji and was apparently named his “successor”. Babuji named himself Lalaji’s “successor” 13 years after Lalji's death, after he had a “dream”.


Ramashram Mathura

Dr. Varadachari’s son (KC Narayana) leads this “breakaway” group, and claims Babuji as their Master (forever) after Dr Varadachari, a professor or Philosophy and “guru to be” before Chari and his group (Chari) took over the Mission. (read Michael’s blog, Inner Circle of SRCM, and Wikipedia for contesting of Chari's successorship of Babuji) Mr. Narayana was on the “Management committee” when Chari was named “successor” to Ram Chandra under the protest of Ram Chandra’s son,Umesh who had a letter which was “not authenticated” as “genuine” according to Mr Narayana. (see interview of Peter with Mr. Narayana on my blog: The World from Another Dimension)

Institute of Ram Chandra Consciousness

Notice: This site is called “spiritualism” and seems to be a “business” but claims Lalalji as their Master:

For a Sufi History of Lalaji, go to link and click on “Sufism in India and scroll down to photo of Lalaji: (According to RK Gupta)

For a Naqshbandiyya Sufi History from Lalaji’s Family lineage: (see Lalaji’s will and testament and one of many versions of the Golden Chain of Naqshbandiyya Sufism back to to Muhammed)

Then read the “official” story on SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute). The Muslim lineage is “non-existing” as this group of Brahmins try to claim that Lalaji “invented” or “re-introduced” the “heart to heart” transmission which was continuously operating in the Sufi tradition, so was not “lost”. Lalaji was the first “non-Muslim” Master of this Order of Sufism (Naqshbandyaa Order).


While on that site, go to Whispers from the Brighter World, a book of 600 messages channelled by a secret medium (rumoured to be a “french lady”) of Babuji and “other elevated souls”, all endorsing Chari and his “commercialization” of Sahaj Marg. This book is for sale for a "donation" of $250.00 US (this amount could change)

Lalaji, you will notice used many techniques and adapted the technique to the indivudual. Babuji, made it a “preceptor driven” transmission meditation with a “one recipe” fits all (MacDonald’s style rather that organic, personalized and biodiverse)

Where Babuji had a few hundred disciples, Chari now has 1500 centres and apparently, 300,000 disciples worldwide and still growing and is worth over 1 Billion US in real estate, according to Umesh Sexton, Babuji’s son who was President of SRCM and in charge of the Babuji memorial Ashram before the "take-over" by Chari's forces (see newpaper item on SRCM (Shahjahanpur) site) and he claims (in newspaper article) that Sahaj Marg will keep “all diseases at bay”.

Now if you’re interested in some highlights of the Teachings coming from Chari mouth in his speeches, his controversial remarks and his “organizational skills” of the “many-branched” lineage of the SRCM / SUFI Bush (Tree). See:

Quotes of Concern by the Masters of Sahaj Marg:


Lessons from Sahaj Marg:

Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School (LMOS)

Why OMEGA...Is it the END? Why not the BEGINNING and the END as in the Greek: Alpha/Omega? Was it to make the LMOS or (Living Modified OrganismS)? Sahaj Marg could be described as "SPIRITUAL CLONING" or making COPIES of the MASTER:
LMOS is now a "Religious Residential Boarding School".

The experience of this structure in North America is now "IN THE NEWS" and is costing a great price to many Christian Religious Organizations who target "children" and hence became "PEDOPHILE MAGNETS" for deviants from all around the world... Send you children to the "BROTHERS and SISTERS" of SAHAJ MARG at your own PERIL. Babuji warned of targeting children with the "dangerous system" below the age of 18 yrs old. The LOVE of Religion and the OBEDIENCE of School creates a POWER IMBALANCE in favour of the BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The Child is dis-empowered. This attracted many criminals to other such structures.

LMOS was originally managed by the Baal (meaning: "Master" in India and generic name for "Demon" in other cultures ie Baalzebub or Beelzebub) Vatika (meaning: "hermitage" or Vatican) Education Foundation. Name of Management organization has now changed to Lalaji Memorial Educational Society.

Chariji Education Development Society (another foundation)

Operates the school called:

SRCM and the UN DPI Program:

Autobiography of Ram Chandra (by S.P. Shrivastava-selected quotes from 80% of Babuji's Journal...(SRCM-Chennai's version only contains 20% of Babuji's Journal) comments by Christian, 18 yrs an abhyasi, now an "ex"since Chari's take-over)

Cease and Desist order
Letter to UN DPI Program

Blogs of dissociated, questioning and ex-members of SRCM:

Michael (Austin Texas) was Preceptor, member of Chari's Inner Circle, and Publishing/Editor of Chari's Material)...Chari was trying to replace "preceptors" loyal to SRCM "Babuji's family" with some loyal to "him". After the "dirty deed" Michael was "fired". SRCM (California) was re-registered in 1997. SRCM (Shahjahanpur), registered in 1945 by Babujii is still in operation in India.

Inner Circle of SRCM

http://innercircleofsrcm.blogspot.com/ Inner Circle of SRCM

Elodie was an abhyasi and on her blog are preceptors that have “defected” to other groups (French and some English)

The Desperate Abhyasi (Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg) - Fr & Eng

http://pourquevivelesahajmarg.blogspot.com/ The Desperate abhyasi web-site- Fr & Eng

Alexis (an outsider, and non meditator) has kept an eye on Sahaj Marg and SRCM™ for years and has an English section on his site:

Mielk - A French Analysis- Fr. & Eng



Le Projet Sahaj Marg:

The Sahaj Marg Project: (the whole history and documents)

Frank is an ex-Zonal-in-Charge for the SRCM(tm) of Chari's for the Netherlands. He now has a Blog called:

Pitfalls of Spirituality

Vincent (Belgium) is the husband of an abhyasi who accuses Sahaj Marg of destroying his family. He now wants to get his grand-children out of this group.

Le Sahaj Marg a Detruit Ma Famille (Sahaj Marg Destroyed My Family)-Fr.

Christian (Switzerland-and in USA) was an Abhyasis for 18 years. He has a French blog. He is a Phd in Research Psychology and he analyses the SRCM written material in depth. (See his e-mail exchange with Chari (or his office) before Christians "resignation")

Christian's old blog "SPYDI" is now taken down but you can now read Christian (or Cri Cri) on Elodie's Blog) or on his new blog:

Analyse de la SRCMtm

Shashwat, 26 yr old engineer and Ex-abhyasis from India:

Freedom to Speak – Power to Speak

Cult-awareness.html SRCM Cult of India

Freedom From SRCM


Sites with similar lineage from Sufi and Lalaji:

http://www.sriramchandra.org/ Institute of Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC)
http://www.sahajsevasamsthan.org/# Sahaj Seva Samsthan – Social Services (ISRC)
http://imperience.org/ Imperience – Research and Training (ISRC)
http://www.ramashram.com/ Yogabhyas
http://www.angelfire.com/journal/yoga1/ Yogabhyas
http://laalaajinilayam.googlepages.com/home NaqshMuMRa Nexus (Lalaji’s Family)
http://www.geocities.com/sufisaints/ Naqshbandiyya Sufi Saints (RK Gupta)
http://www.abssatsang.org/index.htm ABS Satsang
http://astrologerjolly.tripod.com/ramashram.htm Anupam Jolly (Vedic Astraologer)

Sahaj Marg and Raja Yoga for Sale:

Shruti Counseling Services (now taken down in 2008, why??)
(SRCM and Raja Yoga philosophy for sale as a product)
http://www.shruticounselingservices.com/LWI.htm Shruti Counseling Services, USA

Shree Ram Sharnam

United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) Program

Jehova's Witnesses withdraw their application for "membership" rather than adhere to UNDPI criteria.

From: Wikipedia
Groups referred to as Cults in Government documents

French Government Reports on Cult Activity that include SRCM:

http://www.miviludes.org/IMG/pdf/Report_MIVILUDES_2003.pdf Miviludes
(See page 81 and see footnotes 24)

http://www.assemblee-nationale.fr/rap-enq/r2468.asp French National Assembly (1995)
http://cftf.com/french/Les_Sectes_en_France/cults.html#page66 Translation of French National Assembly (1995) (SRCM is in the list of “sectes nuisibles” ("harmful sects" or "cults") in France)

French Cult Research sites (that have info on SRCM):

http://www.prevensectes.com/shriram.htm Prevensectes
http://membres.lycos.fr/mielk/index.html Mielke- Membres Lycos

French Press
Articles about SRCM and Sahaj Marg in the French Newspapers and "on-line" sites:

Council of Europe

Recommendation 1412 (1999)1
Illegal activities of sects
(Extract from the Official Gazette of the Council of Europe – June 1999)


Translation: (Information and Advice Centre on Harmful Sectarian Organizations)
CIAOSN (Belgium) (SRCM book has been added to Library)
http://www.ciaosn.be/biblioa.htm CIAOSN (Belgium Government)

German Cult info site (Ger):
http://www.relinfo.ch/srcm/info.html Relinfo

Canada Revenue Agency
(Registered in Canada as “Charity”)
Charities list - Search: enter Shri Ram Chandra Mission, North York, Ontario, Canada

US Department of the Treasury
(Registered in US as 50% Charity)
Internal Revenue Service

For: SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute) and the SMSF Inc. (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation)
( Registered in US as 50% Charity)
Enter: Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation Inc., Austin, Texas

For: Shri Ram Chandra Mission

Enter: Shri Ram Chandra Mission, San Luis Obispo, California

The Regulator for Charities for England and Wales
For SRCM UK.... Sahaj Marg... SRCM(UK)


Canada Revenue Agency:

Enter: Shri Ram Chandra Mission, North York, Ontario


Chat Sites where Sahaj Marg and Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM™) are discussed:

http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=581777 Orkut (Sahaj Marg – Karan Jami)
http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=12206030 Orkut (Sahaj Marg-Akash Gaur)
http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=19451513 Orkut (SRCM-Sahaj Marg-Vipin Matoliya)
http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=24873318 Orkut (Freedom From SRCM
Shashwat Pandey)

http://p092.ezboard.com/fmovingintostillnessfrm11.showMessageRange?topicID=69.topic&start=521&stop=534 Guru Yoga- Chris Crumb (This site is now inactive... see discussion on Sahaj Marg and SRCM in the archives)

Belief Net (Discussion)

All this info has been gathered over years of research and has been “opposed” by the “Mission” at every step of the way. They do not want this info out…Why?? Is it not “spirituality” and hence “open”??? NOT!!


Interview with KC Narayana

K.C. Narayana's Testimonial

The famous doctor of philosophy K.C. Varadachari (1902-1971) was a great friend of Babuji, and according to some, his designated successor if he had lived longer. He created Sahaj Marg Research Institute (SMRI) in 1967, precursor of the current SMRTI.

His son, K.C. Narayana, became abhyasi in 1955, preceptor in 1967, director of the SMRI in 1984 and resigned from the SRCM in 1991 to found a dissenting organization, the Institute of Sri RAM Chandra Consciousness (ISRC).

Narayana recognized at the time of his membership on the "Working Committee", that Chari was appointed president of the SRCM by Babuji since 1974, but refused him the title of "spiritual representative". He agreed with the analyses of his father who deplored compromising Babuji's teachings to obtain average followers to the detriment of the quality of the spiritual teaching.

K.C. Narayana and his followers claim to teach today the original method inherited from Babuji without the least alterations and in the absence of any living Master. Peter and Ines, old abhyasis of Chari who later joined the ISRC, initially exchanged lengthy e-mail's with him in March and April, 2005. Here are segments of the answers of Narayana:

Dear brother

Thank you for your kind mail. I have been in the system of Rev. Babuji since 1955 and worked as a preceptor of SRCM from 1967 to 1991. I have been in personal contact with the Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur who took me to the acme of perfection in this system of sadhana though I still feel I am a beginner in the path. I worked very closely with Parthasarathy Rajagopala Chari from the beginning till 1991 and more closely since the physical veiling of the Master in 1983. I knew Brother Andre Poray of France as he used to visit my respected and venerable father Dr. K.C.Varadachari but I did not have any opportunity to discuss with him at any point of time.

We ( some serious practicants of the system) separated when my brother Parthasarathy was projected as a Living Master and less emphasis was sought to be given to the methods of Rajayoga given by the Master Babuji Maharaj and a casual approach was taken towards the Commentary on Ten Commandments of the Master which Master is on record to say that is his master piece. We believe and feel sure that Rev. Babuji Maharaj is the eternal master governing the destinies of spiritual life of all aspirants in the world for the millennia to come.

Also we consider Pranahuti to be a yogic achievement and is not dependant on any person for its source thus converting the process itself to the ridiculous level of being a medium. We do not charge any fees for any work that we do and in fact provide lot of material free of cost and books which may cost in the market around ($20) for a just about ½ a $ towards the handling charges that also being optional.

We are more interested in conveying the message of the Master as also propound it according to our capacity and approach and all the material is available in our site www//sriramchandra.org and www// imperience.org. We also believe in assisting the aspirants to evaluate themselves according to the Ten Commandments of the Master and also the map given in the book Towards Infinity. I have recently published and made it available in the internet for free down load my commentary on the book called Path of Grace.

We do agree that brother Parthasarathy is the President of SRCM as a successor to Babuji Maharaj but not as a successor to the spiritual Master or Special Personality who is guiding all of us. I have by the grace of my Master link with Him and am serving those who seek to serve the Master by enabling them have the connection with the Master. It is only when a person has access upto Brahmand Mandal the case is taken up at the request of the individual aspirant to get him connected with Master and then he is permitted to work as a trainer in the ISRC.

You can get more information by reading our site patiently under the head Dr.K.C.V. Order. I think I gave more information than normally I do and hope this would enable you to understand our position better.

Yours in the service of the Master

Q: Indeed, I worry about what Chari said recently concerning 95% of abhyasis : they are still at the 1st point, and the rest are at the 2nd... my wife and I have been meditating for 18 years and we feel completely lost and powerless in front of such a reality... We don't have tools, answers, which could help us to overwhelm these obstacles.

K.C.N: Bro. Chari did not deviate much from the procedure of permitting persons as PREFECTS. During Rev. Babuji also used to permit like that and there were very few PRECEPTORS (known as full fledged permission those days.
We used to receive a Big certificate while the Prefects used to receive a smaller one.) In ISRC no permission is given unless a person has access upto the Brahmand and this is after a thorough assessment by a group of persons forming what we call Governing Council. When we separated from SRCM Bro. Chari wanted the certificates given earlier to be returned to him which was duly complied with. We are of the firm opinion that Spiritual progress is not dependant on the papers given to us. To assess the spiritual progress we have since developed certain self evaluation tools to assess oneself regarding the compliance on the Ten Commandments given by the Master. We have also a questionnaire to evaluate oneself of his progress in the Pind desh. The ISRC insists on practice of meditation on points A and B which was fully explained by the Master in his book Efficacy of Rajayoga. Also we practice the prayer at 9 P.M. stating " That all the persons in the world are brethren and they are all developing true love and devotion to the Master." These were all found as omissions by us in SRCM in 1991 though there has always been some serious aspirants insisting on these since 1967.

Q: In our little center of meditation, we sent two days ago a letter to the responsible for Europe; we are everyone of us very dedicated but upset by the recent transformation of the SRCM into something like a "multinational enterprise". (it is very hard for me to speak like that of my spiritual organization, but...).
We worry about the prices of subscriptions, fees for seminars (200, 250, 300 euros...), books... I have got a question concernig the latest book called"Whispers from the Brighter World", which is a "series of messages transmitted from Babuji to a French abhyasi "( for information, this book was sold like a subscription for 250 euros last year and the center paid to have one; but it is proposed now in french, which is the original language, for 300 euros... without the possibility of regrouping to buy it...Many abhyasis cannot afford it...) I read it and felt sweetness but there is no spiritual teaching in these messages... What do you think about it?

K.C.N: Dear brother, I am very sorry I cannot say anything about these organizational matters. I do not believe that Institutions can help much in spirituality. I was told earlier that the book mentioned by you is a series of messages that brother Chari got and now you say something else. Anyway I am not interested in that as my approach to Spirituality does not permit any deviation of attention from the Homeland.

Q: We worry about "sales by auction" which took place... in the meditation hall instead of meditation twice during the last seminars in Italy and Denmark....

This ofcourse is bit odd but what can I say about that? It is all organizational matters. Have you at any time read the books "letters of the Master Vol. 1 and 2. My revered father writing to Master stated in his letter dated18th June.1970, that "I fully realise that you require freedom from organizational work for the sake of spiritual work. I trust everyone will cooperate with you. But I must utter a word of warning if I ought not to be misunderstood. Let us not commercialise our Mission in our haste to secure financial stability for the Mission and in embarking upon works which are not immediately helpful to spiritual development for the abhyasis. We have to imbue the sense of Mission- spiritual and not mix it up with other ends. If I am not misunderstood I believe some things can be thrashed out with other seekers who also know about the deviations that take place in spiritual work. I trust you will not misunderstand me." {pps412-413}.

Q: We worry because of the project of giving 5 euros when a spiritual gathering (satsang+meal for instance) is organized. We worry because we don't find anymore the fraternal, generous, loving and studious spirit we found there at the beginning..

K.C.N: In ISRC also when there are celebrations of the birthday of Rev. Lalaji and beloved Master when large number of persons gather ( 5 to 6 hundreds) they do donate some money but no fixed charge is there. Usually the donations are more than our requirement and we donate the extra amount to the Sahaj Seva Samsthan. { Please see our site www// Sahaj seva Samsthan.org} which runs a free school for slow-learners, and a highly subsidized Hospital in the name of Sri Ramchandra memorial hospital. We consider and promote the feeling fraternity and service and sacrifice are the virtues that we need to develop in spiritual life.

Q: Dear Brother, I could add that I don't feel we are progressing on the spiritual path; as a preceptor, I would like to see that everybody is changing but it isn't the case. I would like personnally to be more aware of where I am, how I can learn better, and how I could be useful to help my brothers. I am longing for a real spiritual teaching with spiritual questions, answers and ethics. I would be glad if you could give me some advice : what and how can I do from France?

KCN: It is very good that you have sincere feelings of serving others in spiritual life. The spiritual teachings of the Master Babuji is the best that I am aware of. We have provided the same in our site as down loadable material. I suggest that you do read our 1. Showers of Divine grace 2. Sruti and 3. Path of grace. Also try to browse the site Imperience and go through the papers presented in our seminars. As for actual spiritual training, I do not know whether brother Chari has given any manuals of training. The ISRC has one which from my point of view is a good commentary on the manual 1 and 2 given to me by my Master. But we have a policy not to give to those who are not trainers in ISRC.

Q: Today, by a (very!) strange way, it seems that we are going back way home and it is very disturbing because we have always been told that Chari was Babuji's spiritual successor, appointed by him, in presence of witnesses. Thus how can we explain this? Is it possible to explain this? Can you explain this?

K.C.N: I do not know whether I can explain things but I can tell you certain facts.
1. Brother Parthasarathy was nominated as President of SRCM in March 1974. The words Spiritual Representative IS NOT there in the original document. This document was NOT attested by witnesses.
2. I being one of the members of the Working Committee nominated by Rev.Babuji Maharaj was the first to say the document need not be doubted as another document produced by one of the sons of our Master was a fake/bogus one.
3. The confusion arises only the position of the President of SRCM is confused with Spiritual Master who works for a millennia. Rev. Master is on record saying that he would be more useful after his physical veiling.
4. The problem or pseudo problem is necessity felt by some for a physically present Master. That there are realms beyond the physical is the basis of spirituality- as you can see the word spiritual would loose its sense the moment we want to have in the physical realm.
5. As a Prefect of SRCM you should be knowing that we do not do anything physically and all our work is in the astral plane only. { I do hope you were supplied with copy of the Manual of training issued by Rev.Babuji. This I am stating because since middle of Seventees this practice was stopped- I understand later some manual is being given}

Q: In reality, we are divided: mentally, we have got a sort a culpability in relation with Chari; within our heart, we have the certainty that we are right, that something very important is happening, that we are coming back to our Homeland...

Happy to hear this: the Master always guides the sincere and devoted.

Q & R:
From yesterday night, there were some clouds in my heart when I thought about the meeting which occurred today with a SRCM responsible for the southern zone. Indeed, she came because we sent a collective letter to express ourselves on our concern about SRCM financial options. The official answer to our anxiety has been:
- you don't have faith enough

K.C.N: Faith is a big subject. We need to have faith in ourselves, we should have faith in the method and faith in the guide/Master in the path. The subject of faith is dealt with very seriously in the philosophies of Surrender of various religions. The chapter in Reality at Dawn relating to Guru can be read by you with profit.
- you should be confident in the Master
- you should obey the Master

The whole problem is who is the Master? If it is God who is the real guru there is no problem and the co traveler in the path is duty bound to help us reach the feet of the Lord or gain Oneness with Him.

- only Master can know the Divine planes and your critics are only the expression of your ego.

If the words “ planes” in your mail is right I do not think so. God has only one Plane and that is the Blessing Splendour as I call it which is the nature of the 23 ring towards the centre. How we can judge ourselves regarding the plane of consciousness in which we normally function is what is sought to be explained in the book “ Towards Infinity” by the Master. I tried to put on record my thoughts in the book “ Path of Grace” available for free down load.
If otherwise you meant “ Plans” then surely the Supreme Personality alone knows it; no matter whether a person is the President of SRCM or not. That the Supreme Personality is the one who is working to better the quality of human being and he has his own plans is a fact beyond doubt. Human transformation is happening and that will happen very soon.
- all this shows that you have got a problem with money and materiality

What answer can I give on this. Every one has a need for money and body has its own requirements. That is why the system of our beloved Master is essentially meant for house holders and is not a method of the renounced/ ascetics.
- give up your dreams, you must face materiality within your spiritual organization.

K.C.N: Some person advised you and who am I to say on these matters. All that I can say we should live happily working for the transformation of humanity incessantly with total conviction in the cause of the Master and his method. 9 P.M. Prayer is the most important tool that we should invariably use for this purpose.

Q: I felt very bad because for me, obediance comes from the heart naturally when it is the good moment and , more important, love doesn't exclude critical sense, on the contrary...

I totally agree with you. If this freedom of expression is lost what freedom are we seeking in spirituality? May be I can suggest you to read the volumes 1 and 2 of Masters letters which is the correspondence between my revered father and the Master.

Finally, the minimum of fraternity should be to listen with the heart different opinions. But it was not the case of course...

Any brand of Spirituality worth its name should encourage constructive individual development. Further it should be motivated by unselfish service to humanity. It should enable the individual to find out the narrow path of self effort and individual responsibility for spiritual development. It should appeal to reason and common sense and encourages verification through direct personal experience. To say Master will take care of all this is simple laziness at its worst and slavery at its best.
True spirituality supports the spiritual prosperity of the individual through holding out the vision of continuous progress through self effort and support of the Master
Real spirituality should encourage free discussion and rational explanations. And it should make its instructions and teachings of the Master available to all the worthy persons.(No discrimination intended)

If I summ up, when I am thinking about all this, I don't feel very well with an impression of treason, culpability, irrespect in relation with my Master Chari. When it is my heart which is speaking, I would be crying with gratefulness the whole day. Do you see the problem?... I have a certain impression of "doing the splits"... and my wife too.

K.C.N: No other person can understand this agony than me. Since that will lead to my story of agony and ecstasy in spirituality I refrain writing further on this.

Dear brother

Thank you for your kind mail. Letters of the Master Volume I and II is published by SRCM only. I gave the correspondence from 1954 to 1971 maintained by my revered father Dr.K.C.Varadachari to brother Parthasarathy on his request in 1984. He provided me with a Xerox copy of the same in 1985. He got it published first in 1992 and the copy right is held by the SRCM North American Publishing Committee Pacific Grove CA USA. Then Mr. Thomas J. Whitlam who edited the correspondence sent me a copy of the two volumes. I do not have them now as my son Srihari took it from me.

I do not know anything about other volumes of Letters of the Master and I wonder whether any of them contain my letters and Rev. Babujis’ replies to me which were also given to brother Parthasarathy in 1984. However Sri Ramchandra Publishers Hyderabad have published a book titled “Event Horizon” which is an abridged version of the correspondence based on the Xerox copies of the letters with me. This is available for down load from the site www// sriramchandra.org

Regarding the manual of training given by Rev. Babuji Maharaj it consists of two volumes. Volume I is meant for prefects and Volume II is also given to Preceptors who were very few in number those days. I was given both of them by the Master and so was brother Parthasarathy. Perhaps he has given Volume I only to prefects. Since you are referring to the period 1988, I have to say I have a copy of the same given by brother Parthasarathy saying that he started giving the manuals.

With blessings of the Master

Dear brother,

Your mails have raised many questions and I do not know how far I can answer them satisfactorily to you.
The issues raised may be stated broadly as:
1.Regarding the manuals of training
2.As to why I parted ways with brother Parthasarathy.
3.The evaluations of the aspirants as whole done by the President SRCM and the ethical and otherwise correctness of the same
4.If the evaluation of no evolution in majority of the aspirants in the SRCM is correct whether it is not a joke played by the system.
5.The progress made by the aspirants in ISRC and a few supplementaries to that.
I shall try to answer them one by one and I promise you that it is going to be a tedious reading for you but the nature of your questions is such. Bear with me for that.
First and the easiest one to answer is the Manuals of training given to you by brother Parthasarathy. It does cover to some extent the manuals given by Master particularly the part I. It would not be proper for me to say anything more than this.

Regarding why I parted with SRCM I wrote about this earlier in a small way. However as you desire me to answer again I shall do so. The story is really long but to make it short I should say that it was way back in late Nineteen Fifties and early Sixties the problem arose regarding the relative importance of the institutional structures (Ashram buildings etc.,) and spiritual procedures and progress. This was when the first Ashram of SRCM was getting constructed at Tirupati. A substantial donation was offered by a lady doctor and wife of a senior police official in Andhra Pradesh but she would not accept any receipt from my father for that and therefore it was not accepted.

But as things were to happen the amount was paid at Shahjahanpur and Master sent the money to Tirupati for construction which was reluctantly received by my revered father. Construction means bricks and mortar: very gross matters. My father wriggled himself out of this problem. The correspondence between my revered father and our Master Babuji Maharaj in this matter can be seen in the letters when you get the books. To be more precise the problem is the relative importance of materialism and spirituality. My revered father wanted spirituality to be given more importance and the system of training should not become casuality.

Others members of SRCM had different views. The simmering discontent was there since then. The problem blew into greater dimension when the SRCM was getting commercialized in the language of my revered father and Rev. Babuji was trying to convince him that no curvature was developing as feared. I apart from being a son was a close disciple of my revered father and studied under him Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy including Henri Bergson as part of philosophies of evolution which included Aurobindo and others too. Further I specialized in a branch of Vedanta called Visistadvaita. Apart from that my professors in Psychology were close associates of my revered father and I studied Psychoanalysis for two years along with Constitutional Psychology.

With all this back ground I found myself in total agreement with my revered father that Institutions are also a powerful binding influence in the path of spiritual freedom and one needs to keep a close vigil on Institutionalism. But the process of constructing Ashram buildings in various centres started and funds were getting raised for the purpose with all good intentions. Our books which costing very little ( as little as less than a rupee) were getting printed and published surely in better manner at a cost that is high according to the then prevailing Indian standards.

The marketing skills of brother Parthasarathy were being fully utilized and he is a very efficient person as you also know. But this disturbed my revered father and he thought spirituality is gaining low priority as the aspirants were all busy in fund collection for the books, magazines, advertisements for the magazines and souvenirs published on annual celebrations of the Masters. He wrote to Master about this commercialization and the curves that are getting formed in SRCM which ofcourse Master explained away; all this can be seen between the lines in the correspondence between him and the Master.

In addition to this, the criteria for correct evaluation of spiritual condition of the aspirants were posing problems which could not be sorted out easily. Evaluations made by the Master also were not acceptable to some Preceptors and this put persons like my revered father in anguish. He expressed to Master his anguish stating “It has grave consequences in our appraisal of the ultimate state possible under our system.” Different Preceptors were evaluating aspirants differently and the SRCM was taking more and more the position of leaving the matter of evaluation to the Master and the prefects and preceptors were asked to keep their mouths shut- a practice that is being continued even now if I am right. The responsibility for performing Yatra in the abhyasis was thrown on the Master stating that it is not the task of the preceptors.

This problem emanated mainly because the number of prefects were more and they were expecting to be treated on par with preceptors. The task of promoting them to the level of the preceptor being tougher because of their lack of sadhana and other difficulties, the easiest solution is to treat them as equal and there by effectively nullifying the original distinction and in the process the motivation to grow in spiritual stature. But this ensured increase in the number of persons getting enrolled as members of the SRCM. The quantity as usual killed the quality in this case also. All these are unpalatable to many of us.

Further Master himself has evaluated differently the same person in some cases and this led to the need for arriving at standardization of evaluation techniques and procedures. This has led to the Master clarifying that there are two positions for the person being evaluated

1. Aksi and 2. Kasbi
1.Potential and 2. Actual.
1.Reflected and 2 Acquired.

I am sure you have some information from the manuals supplied to you by brother Parthasarathy. It is absolutely essential to understand these concepts in work to assess properly the condition of the aspirant. Two seminar were held at Tirupati in late Nineteen Seventy and in one of them Master talked about the “Method of Training” which to my knowledge was not published by SRCM so far. It is part of the book “Showers of Divine Grace” published by Sri Ramchandra Publishers available for download in the site of sriramchandra.org. The Master stressed in the article that “moulding is the responsibility of the preceptors”. But this was ignored to such an extent that the article itself will be difficult for you to locate in SRCM.

In addition to these the prefects and some preceptors of SRCM were not giving enough importance to the “Ten Commandments of Sahaj Marg” though Master is on record that the book is his Master Piece. They went to such an extent during his life time itself to call the book “Ten Maxims of Sahaj Marg”.

Also the importance of the meditations on points A and B explained in the book “Efficacy of Rajayoga” was bypassed in preference to what is called love for the Master. That A and B points are discoveries of the Master the purification of which alone enables the aspirants to move into the higher realms of consciousness and also the cleansing of the points A1, B1; A2, B2; and A3 and B3 which enable one to stabilize in the higher realms of consciousness is totally neglected and ignored and to a certain extent denounced. The matter came up for discussion before the Master and I contended that if Master agrees that these are not necessary he in all fairness and honesty should withdraw the book “ Efficacy of Rajayoga” from the public where it is already in circulation for over 2 decades and give an open apology for misguiding aspirants. Shocked at this he sat immediately in meditation and communed with his master Rev. Lalaji and confirmed that what he wrote in the book is correct and should be practiced. A few hundred copies of a booklet listing the duties and responsibilities of the aspirant which I took with me to Shahjahanpur were given to the then Secretary Brother Parthasarathy and Master said they are to be treated as Mission publication. But the weak and fragile Master was ignored by many and majority of the prefects/ preceptors said that Master can do everything and there is no need for any practice other than love and devotion. This meant total abdication of responsibility for the Yatra by the preceptors and the whole responsibility was shifted to the Master.

I differed and was keeping a low profile busy as I was with my duties as a senior official of Government of A.P. However I continued my contact with Master and practice as I was advised and wrote letters to Master who also replied in some cases.

Later in Oct.1979 he wrote

My dear Narayana,

Your letters received. But I could not reply due to illness. I have been thinking over the suggestions offered by you for educating abhyasis into Sahaj Marg system. I am very happy to read your previous letters that you have got the courage and will for the work. May you live long.”

You know Narayana that I have done whatever the need was for the spiritual life of man and the work is still continued. The system is there, my support is there, yet it is for the persons like you to first educate abhyasis and then do further research. I have great hope from you. I wish to have you and Parthasarathy together for the work…”

Slowly and steadily I have been telling the importance of the discoveries of the Master in spiritual growth and the fragile frame of the Master slowly deteriorated though it has not affected the quality of transmissions received from him directly or through the preceptors and prefects showing that the physical body is not all that important for spiritual work. The physical veiling came as you know in April 1983 and the claims for the Chair of the President started between several parties. If I am correct some of the legal cases are still on and that is but natural for persons who seek power and status. The status of Guru can be very attractive! (Read Guru Chapter in Reality at Dawn)

As already informed to you in the earlier mails brother Parthasarathy came to me in 1984 and asked for cooperation and I readily agreed. He asked me to be in addition to the membership of the working committee as nominated by Rev. Babuji Maharaj, take additional responsibilities as the Zonal Secretary, Director of S.M.R.I. Centre in Charge of Hyderabad. I did accept all the responsibilities and discharged them to his and my utter satisfaction.

Then I mooted the idea of Training classes for the aspirants in 1987 and participants who were kept ignorant of the important practices mentioned above in this mail started asking brother Parthasarathy and other prefects and preceptors why they were not told the importance of these methods and more particularly the 9 P.M. prayer advised by the Master. In this atmosphere I was able to conduct about 6 or 8 training classes and brother Parthasarathy was uncomfortable with the growing demand for admission to the course and also the growing discontentment among the aspirants in the system.

In one such training session, in 1991 some speakers were suggested by brother Parthasarathy to speak more about the newly developing concept of Living Master and the need to love and be devoted to him more than practicing the system.

As this was something totally unacceptable I was watching the program and keeping quiet. Major. Dr. Madhava a senior practicant of the system and a member of the research committee was talking on the Essential of Sahaj Marg and was covering all the aspects explained by the Master.

After the talk he was summoned by brother Parthasarathy and was chided for not talking of the importance of the Living Master as an essential aspect of the system and was asked to make amends. He came to me and I advised him to do as the President told for I convinced him that Rev. Babuji is the Living Master in the astral plane and physical plane does not matter much.

That evening on that fateful day there was a lecture session in the head quarters of State Bank of India in which one speaker went to the extent of saying that the great saint Ramakrishna Paramahamsa could convert only one Narendra into a Vivekananda while brother Parthasarathy is making every person going to Chennai a Vivekananda. As I was on the Dias of the function sitting by brother Parthasarathy I kept quiet but as soon as the function was over went home and thought well over the happening on the day and came to the conclusion that the Organization has taken a deep curve and is drifting away from spiritual goals.

Two days later brother Parthasarathy spoke to me why I have not met him to which I told him I have not been fortunate to become a Vivekananda inspite of several transmissions from Rev.Babuji and Rev. Lalaji Saheb and felt totally unfit in the field. This in short is the story you desired to know. I have omitted many details which if mentioned would make a good movie. I attach to this long mail a document on what is written as a Preamble for the ISRC which may throw light on why we parted ways. What lessons you can draw from this I do not know

3. Regarding your questions about the ethically correctness of the alleged statements of brother Parthasarathy about members of the SRCM do you not know that it is improper for me to say anything about that since I left the organization long back. However I must say that routine practices for any number of hours a day for any period of time without taking regular individual sittings, cleaning sessions and without love and devotion to Master may not lead a person in the path far.

Further when the responsibility for performing Yatra is not vested with the prefects and the whole responsibility rests with the President SRCM I do not know how he was able to assess and evaluate the aspirants to make such sweeping statements as he did. I must however tell you I donot know the context in which it was said and may be you are over reacting to the same. I must also inform you that for over twenty years I have not been reading literature about this system from any other source than that of the original books of Rev. Babuji, my revered father and Rev. Lalaji. Ofcourse I keep track of many developments in transpersonal psychology and para psychology. Ofcourse for amusement sake I do read the writings of the modern day self declared Masters available dime a dozen- humour is a good medicine you know. In the context of what is written in the earlier paragraphs any evaluation has to take into consideration the position of Aksi and Kasbi in respect of each individual. So I am not able to help you to find whether the judgments of the President are ethical or otherwise.

4. Regarding the position of the ISRC I should bring to your kind notice that it is a administered by a Governing Council and no one is superior to the other. This council is an elected body during general body meetings held on Rev. Babuji Birthday celebrations. It after due examination of the candidature of the person permits a person among the Governing Council to seek permission to work under Dr. K.C.V. Order. In the Institute permission to work is given only when a person has access to Brahmand mandal in the Aksi manner though his/her Kasbi position may be only 3rd or 2nd knot. As there are about 150 persons working as trainer in ISRC it may be safely said that so many are in Brahmand mandal. We have about 12 or more persons moving in the Rings of Splendour and atleast 2 in the Central Region itself. There are quite a few souls after having crossed Para Brahmand mandal coursing at the various points in the 64 points before the Sahasrara.

You may kindly note that persons are admitted into the system of sadhana only after go through 2day training program in India and in Western countries it varies for 1 to 2 days. This is an intensive introduction to the system which makes it all the more sure that only serious person seeking the transformation of humanity as the main goal of life is admitted. Then only the 3 introductory sittings are given according to a fixed procedure; and it is not just sit for half an hour and go.

I may safely say that who ever has been coming for individual sittings regularly to me have all started yatra and in 100 % of the cases Ajapa is experienced very early enabling me to take up their Yatra without delay. Those who are very sincere and earnest have traveled considerable distance and many are both in Aksi and Kasbi manner crossed the Pind desh. Regarding the persons who go to other trainers who number about 150, I do not have records for all the persons maintained by the trainers and/or the Institute so I cannot give you the percentage of persons who have moved considerable distance in the path and the extent to which they progressed. I have however a feeling that those who attend the annual congregations which number about 5 to 6 hundreds they have all advanced to the extent I see my Master in them and I do offer Pranams to all of them before conducting the Satsang most of the times. My co travelers in the path in the Institute here are working out various methods by which we can present a more cogent picture of the work done. You may care to see the site www//imperience.org.

Regarding your question how much time it may take for a person to move into the 2nd knot, it depends. If the aspirant is serious and has a good trainer to work on him it may not take more than a year and this can be much earlier also.

As already pointed out that in order to ensure the objectivity of assessment or evaluation of the condition of the aspirant the ISRC has adopted a system of evaluation by 5 or more persons who are advanced and sensitive enough to study the conditions. The evaluation of all these persons is taken into consideration while arriving at the final evaluation of the aspirant. This procedure at present is confined to the aspirants who are going to be granted permission to work under the Dr. K.C.V. Order. For more information on this please see the site. Apart from the evaluation of the condition through this method, we do take into consideration the compliance of the Ten Commandments of the Master by the aspirant. Evaluation tools are developed and is available in the site. Further we have developed a beta version of the Pind desh Evaluation which gives an idea about the progress of the individual in respect of the conditions of the first five knots. We also administer a questionnaire on Altruism to find out the progress of the individual in transpersonal consciousness. What is mainly sought to be studied are the qualities of the Truth, Non-Injury ( Compassion), love ( non –jealousy), Non covetousness and celibacy the five basic pillars on which the structure of Super consciousness rests. It is the considered view of ISRC that the U portion of the heart as depicted in the book “ Efficacy of Rajayoga” signifies these qualities compared with the lower nature of the individual located in the L portion of the heart diagram. We are trying to utilise the statistical technique of Meta Analysis to present our evaluations of the aspirants. This is broadly the position.

5. Regarding whether the system itself is not a joke played I must say the information that the membership of the SRCM which was around 20,000 in 1991 now has grown to approximately 300,000 persons is heartening. I am very happy that so many know about Rev. Babuji and that itself is a great service to humanity.

6. Regarding the non-evolution of its members I appreciate your concern. But really speaking how many of this large numbers are seekers? Are you not aware of the categories of sadhakas who come to us classified by Rev. Babuji? It is a spiritual truth that when the disciple is ready the Master knocks at the door. Institutions can only spread the messages and it is the individual relationship between the Master and the disciple that matters in spiritual progress. The Institutions however have the onerous responsibility to spread the message of the Master in purity of content and that is where I find the SRCM erred more than in other aspects mentioned already in this mail.

7. As for the point regarding your spiritual condition I hope these letters are written by you and I can venture an assessment. You should have completed about 60% yatra in 1st knot and 2nd knots and about 75 % percent in the 3rd knot and 40 % in the 4th knot and are coursing in the 5th knot. These are based on the feelings and thoughts that were expressed in your mails. For more information on how Yatra is possible simultaneously on different knots you may kindly ask Dr. K. or any other trainer who may be there on the day of your visit to explain. Broadly speaking you are a sincere seeker and can be classified as the 3rd category of Sadhakas and aspiring to become the 4th category according to the categorization of aspirants made by Rev. Babuji Maharaj. (See the article “ Types of Gurus and disciples” of Rev. Babuji in Voice Real a publication of SRCM). I pray that you realise your true nature soon and serve mankind even as Master would wish us all to.

8. Brother Dr. K. is an excellent person and I am sure you will be benefited by the transmission from him, if you are so willing.

I do hope I answered your queries to some extent. However answers are to well up from within the heart by the grace of our beloved Master Babuji Maharaj.

With blessings of the Master

The Sri Ramchandra Mission named after the Samarth Guru Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh was founded by Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur in 1945 to fulfill the sacred Mission of the Master and serve humanity in an organized way However over a period of time, the status of the Master and that of the President of Sri Ramchandra Mission, in view of both being the same in the form of Sri Babuji Maharaj have got intertwined This has however created confusion in the minds of spiritual aspirants. That the great Master is none but God is an established truth of spirituality.

The Guru as a means many times got identified with God and more so in the case of Avatars like Lord Krishna, Buddha or Rev Babuji Maharaj. Such Gurus who may be classified as Azli-Fazli Gurus or Gurus who are of the caliber of Sambhava as explained in Tejo Bindu Upanishad are rare and far and few between They are said to come once in a millennia The propagation of the system founded by them rests on lesser mortals who however have the capacity to serve others to the extent they can and hand them over spiritually to the original source or founder They are classified as Fazli gurus or Shaktas which by itself is of a very high order of attainment However illusion crept in thinking and these persons also now and then claim to be of the status of original founders of the system. This unfortunate situation arises out of Gurudom getting into their heads and pomp and glory attract them. Such a trend is a big curvature and has a path down the hill and these are to be corrected.

That Pranahuti is a spiritual capacity of a salik is forgotten and is most often confused with mysterious mystic force. The head of an organization who arranges to establish training centers and gives permission to the deserved, chooses to think that the persons permitted without proper preparation will automatically develop the power of transmission is very unfortunate. It so happens due mainly to the human frailties that the head of the organization thinks himself to be having the exclusive privilege of preparing persons to be in charge of training centers and impart training through Pranahuti. The capacity to foment in others spiritual dynamism is essentially a yogic achievement (all yogic achievements are divine gifts) should not be forgotten. Also the responsibility of training others cannot be entrusted to all and sundry and one has to be circumspect in obtaining permission from the Master not withstanding one’s capacity to instill some divine light in others.

Unfortunate as it is, these two errors have crept into the Sri Ramchandra Mission and there is an urgent need to rectify. Accordingly, a society for bringing in the corrections in the main stream of the Mission is formed with the explicit purpose of achieving the above two objectives. The society shall be wound up the moment the objectives are achieved.

Q: I went on Internet and I found a page where it is said that Lalaji was a Master in a Soufi Order (Nashqbandi), that he has been initiated by this Order and that he has been the only non muslim Master of this Order. 1- Is all this true?

True. Rev. Lalaji had a Master called Rev. Fazl Ahmed khan. But my Masters’ opinion about his Master is that he is blessing to humanity from God and he was born perfect even as Lord Krishna an Avatar had a guru in Sandeepani.

2- If yes, why don't you speak about it in your site?

The story of Rev.Lalaji in ISRC site is essentially the version of Rev. Babuji on his Master. I accept only my Masters version and that is why the site of ISRC does not mention about that.

3- Did Babuji use to speak about this?

He did say about the Master of his Master but he said we have nothing to do with Naqshabandi order. His system has taken the best of all other streams and fused into forming the well knit modified system of Rajayoga

4- Why don't we find any reference to this in Babuji's books?

KCN: If you read the Part 2 of the Autobiography of Rev. Babuji you will get to know more about the Master of his Master in the context of forming a new system of Yoga. This book is not published in its original form by SRCM (Charis’). It was published in 3 volumes by the family of Rev. Babuji and may be available with SRCM Shahjahanpur. I had a talk with Dr. Srivastav few days back and he is of the opinion that this may be reprinted soon.

Thank you for your answer; I transmit to you the adress of this site if you want to have a look to these informations.

Brother Christian also sent me the address sited in this mail. I am busy with my work and do not like to spend time on these matters of historical interest. The transmission in the system has its origin in the Centre and that is not the access of the Master of the Grand Master. Discovery of the Central region is something that was totally new and none of the Sufi Orders had access upto that during their life time including the saints of the Naqshabandi order (and even saint Kabir).

These segments of The Testimonial of K.C. Narayana, initially appeared on Christian's blog, and have since disappeared.

Extraits du témoignage de K.C. Narayana, initialement paru sur le blog de Christian (aujourd'hui disparu).

Madeleine's (ex-preceptor) Testimonial

Madeleine's Testimonial:

I took this off Elodie’s French Blog and translated it. This is only one of many who are leaving the SRCM in Europe. This person’s name is Madeleine, she apparently was a preceptor.

Hello from an old ex abhyasi....

I am another ex abhyasi of Sahaj Marg, where I passed more than 20 years of my life, beginning at the time of Babuji. The first years of practice were for me positive and for this reason, I am grateful to Babuji and Chari. Unfortunately, these last years, I have started to be in crisis.I felt very sad and I did not recognized (believe) what I saw and heard, I had impression of choking and well on, I felt guilty during 3 years (I am not up to the mark, I am not good a abhyasi etc...) and finally, after long suffering, I have succeeded in releasing myself from my direction of culpability and be on my way, this, after I sought a long time, and everywhere another way possible which would be appropriate to me, which was not easy, as you will appreciate.

If I write today, it is only to encourage those who would like, but do not find the courage to cross the step towards the fresh air! By experiment, I know that it is hard. It is said to you that you will lose your condition (which condition?), that it is your ego which takes the top, one cannot betray Master like that, one will make him suffer... etc... Surely, one needs a minimum of courage to cross the step and to dare to call in question what one lived all these years, but if one considers all the sadness which one feels, the culpability, the direction of smothering, the impression which one does not go upwards any more but that one is spread out horizontally in the materiality... if there is a TRUE SPIRITUAL RESEARCH, one cannot continue to commit suicide with small fire like that!

At the beginning, in my opinion, the way to the top was open, but today, where is it? Where is the spirituality? It is not we (the abhyasis) who changed and who do not have any more a spiritual aspiration, in fact the SRCM has Changed and does not carry out us any more where we wanted to go. AND if the SRCM changed, who changed? Those that manage it, unfortunately! Where is the love? Where is humility? Surely not in the continual requests for money and with the expansions and the financings! But I can assure you, that beyond Sahaj Marg, there are other things! There is life and also Spirituality! And even spiritual purity, the purity which I did not hope for to find any more, it still exists, in some recesses of the sphere, with some discreet and humble Master, who does not make publicity and still lives in the greatest of simplicity.

It seems to me that many abhyasis remains only by fear. If you feel the necessity to leave, DARE! What do you have to lose? Nothing! But everything to gain! Sahaj Marg is not UNIQUE, like someone said to us and re-said! The divine would not be so miserly, and be lavish only inside the SRCM? I also often heard: yes, but there, there is not the transmission! The transmission, (You know I think that Sahaj Marg derives from the Sufism which Lalaji inherited from his Sufi Master (see book published by the SRCM in July 2001 "the complete works of RAM Chandra- Lalaji Maharaj volume II). In Sufi practice, there is the transmission (nothing new (unique) thus!) and the transmission was apparently used at the time of the first stages of the Sufi spiritual practice (see book of Thomas Dahnhardt: "Change and continuity in Indian Sufism). Afterwards, they pass on to another thing. Therefore, the transmission is useful, but until where? And from which level does it emanate? Are there not other more subtle and/or lower forms of transmission too? All is relative!

Babuji said that if a disciple is not convinced that his/her Master can bring him/her to God, she/he has the full right to go towards another Master.

I wish all, all the brothers and sisters who are in a sincere search, good luck!



To return from there to the sufi lineage, it is common and normal that each Master generates one (seldom) or several lines. Therefore, Sahaj Marg, (moreover, the term "Sahaj Marg" derives from the medieval tradition of the “Sant” in India) the branch called Sahaj Marg by Babuji, is a branch or subbranch among so much of others of the same trunk, already highly ramified.
On this subject, I highly recommend to those who read English to reading the book by Thomas Dahnhardt, university researcher at the center of Islamic studies of Oxford and teacher of Urdu literature and Islamic civilization in India at the university of Venice, this book is entitled “Exchange and Continuity in Indian Sufism”.

According to Dahnhardt, another small detail would have escaped us (if his information is exact): Babuji would not be called Ram Chandra but Madhe Mohan Lal and would have then taken the name of his Master Ram Chandra of Fategarh. One hid many things from us!

In the moment one speaks about money, corruption, degeneration, etc… and it is undoubtedly important to open one's eyes to all that, to discover the “hidden truths”…, that helps us to get our feet grounded and to re-assess, to find a little humility… but the principal problem is SPIRITUALITY!

And it would be the most important question to bring up, because if Sahaj Marg exists, its first and single reason for existence is or should be Spirituality!

Therefore, the spirituality, the true one, naked, stripped down, the essential one, which carries one to God… does this spirituality still exists within Srcm?

Can one still evolve spiritually as a practitioner of the Sahaj Marg of today, up to the ultimate goal?

We point out that Master can carry us where he is himself, but not beyond.

Let us try to feel from the bottom of our heart if we are convinced that the current Sahaj Marg current can carry us to fusion with the divine ONE, where the ego does not exist any more?

Let us not try not to save something that is already dead or at the end of its life?

Material development and numerical expansion have nothing to do with spirituality and the fact that there are many disciples and good financial resources does not mean that spirituality consequently healthy! Often, it is the opposite!

Fraternal salutations to all



It is always Madeleine, ex-abhyasi with more than 20 years of Sahaj Marg behind her !

I wanted to add a precision to what I wrote yesterday.

Therefore, now, it is known that Sahaj marg is a branch of a quite large and bulky tree!

But, sometimes, a branch of a tree withers and dies. It withers and dies when the sap does not arrives there no more!

The substance, its paramount food, for one reason or another (for us to try to understand the reason), begins to lack and it ceases feeding it!

Then, when the substance, the sap is suddenly lacking, one tries to fill this vacuum by creating other foods of a different nature. And then, it gives birth to newsgroups, workshops, training course, here and there, constructions of ashrams, schools, hospitals (even if the latter are apparently creditable), but it is always to fill the vacuum!

One makes makes the people of Sahaj Marg believe that these initiatives are very important, because (they say) the people should be occupied! Mentally and materially, because the people (abhyasis) should not think any more and do not have to remember how they have arrived here in the first place, and what it was they had come to seek with a trustful and hope-filled heart!

And as the people should not think any more, one requires of him a blind faith by publishing for example a book dictated from the great beyond! (either one believes in it, or one is practically lost!) (to be noted that in the spiritual traditions, it is known that one should not believe without having direct experience, because that does not make sense, and that Chari himself, 20 years ago said to us that it was necessary to listen to one's own heart and to follow the interior voice if it was in contradiction with what the same Master said)

Here, in my opinion, is the root of this sad story!

The substance is gone from there, because whoever was lavishing it is not up to the measure to distill it any more, and everyone is falling into the trap of filling on food made from substitutes!
And then, careful!! It is not without risks to be on a branch which withers!: The small leaves which are attached there wither too! And often, they do not realize it!!

To conclude, I announce you the existence of a small and singular book, allotted to Kabir (Kabir was considered by Babuji the person who had reached the highest spiritual level of all the latter-day saints ). This book is very well known in India and strangely unknown in our lands. In India, there are tens of versions, and I believe that one can find it on the Internet or buy it via Amazon.com… This small book, rather surprisingly, really draws one to reflect on this great mystery of spirituality and to locate Sahaj Marg and to understand at which spiritual level the various paths may have their origins,

IT is entitled “The Ocean of Love”,


Very fraternally



During the years of our permanence at the SRCM, and still at the time of Babuji, some among us already knew of the existence, in the north of India, of 5 or 6 groups of disciples or descendants of disciples of Lalaji, who had gone on their own way, without recognizing Babuji as the successor of Lalaji.

We also knew, from the autobiography of Babuji that somebody had tried to put sticks in his wheels, until they managed to try to put an end to his days.

At that time, we were satisfied with the path which we followed and we did not have any curiosity to test it more. Moreover, the environment which reigned within the mission, consisted of a significant “self-contentment”: we were the only ones to benefit from the transmission (!), our Master was of a level such that any being of this level would not have been incarnated for a few thousand years (!), probably, HE was the Special Personality (?), without also speaking of the fact of eventually possibly being a preceptor (!).

And thus, these disciples of Lalaji who had not recognized Babuji, which, for us was the single legitimate successor, were seen at most with commiseration and sufficiency. As would say Christian, we belonged to the "arrogant stupid"!

A few years later, especially after 99 and particularly after the centenary of the birth of Babuji, we started to not find any more what we had always sought, i.e. that we feel that the access path to the top, towards the divine ONE was not open any more, and considering the type of "horizontal Material" expansion that the mission developed, we started to try to understand a little more the origins of Sahaj Marg, with an aim of finding another way which could be appropriate to us, hoping that there is still a movement with the same origin, in which spirituality would still be alive.

At the time of this research, one of the first elements which retained our attention was a film (or rather 2 films) of Arnaud Desjardin, filmed in 1973 in Afghanistan and titled: “Sufis of Afghanistan masters and disciples” and “In the Midst of the Brothers” (Trade Wind Production).

By seeing these 2 films, we could note that they also used a "transmission" and that they worked with the same points of the area of the heart as in Sahaj Marg, that they had sittings and the analogy was really obvious.

I wrote to Arnaud Desjardin at length on these Masters. He answered me that, unfortunately, the majority of them had disappeared, died or hiding, since the Soviet invasion.

After which, I went (literally) in search of a book of which I had had some indications and who would have proven what I thought on the Sufi originof Sahaj Marg. This book is: “Lakshvedhi Genealogy”, the genealogical chronology of the saints, before and after Mahatma RAM Chandraji Maharaj de Fatehgarh (Lalaji), in the order of Naqshbandia Mujaddidia, written by B.B Basuk (first edition in Hindi in 1973, third English edition in 1985).

I noted thereafter that Dahnhardt had inserted it in the bibliography of his book.

Here is some information drawn from this book, with the benefit of the doubt, for sure, because Indian research and the talks are often not very clear, already only by the simple fact that they often allot to the same person, several different names…:

- first point: the Sufi origins of the Sahaj Marg was confirmed there. Basuk declares that in 1984, he had been invited to Madras in April 29 to May 1 for the 85ème birthday of the birth of Babuji and that he had contacts with abhyasis and preceptors of the Mission. Therefore, in the SRCM, some knew him and some undoubtedly knew of his research!

- Another point: With the death of Lalaji, Babuji would have continued to very often attend the satsang of Shri Chaturbhuj Sahaj in Matura and that of Shri Krishna Lal in Sikanderabad, these two last being apparently two of the legitimate representatives and successors of Lalaji (heir). (Krishna Lal would have been named successor of Lalaji in 1921, therefore 10 years before hiss death)

- Last point: this reading, for the first time, put us in front of the fact, for us difficult to accept, that Masters can have more than one legitimate successor and that that is completely normal and natural.

Indeed, with regard to this last point, in the past and still today of the times, it was completely normal that Masters send, before his death, his best disciples, to work each one, in a different geographical area. And it is what Lalaji would have done.

Just as it was normal for a disciple to follow several Masters along his/her spiritual journey, Masters being at different levels, and it was also sometimes the Master himself who sent his disciple to another Master, to carry on with his/her path. All was very open!

And it is also what Lalaji would have done, as a disciple, starting with Sufism could have continued with the practice of Sant Mat. And this without making one feel guilty nor “to betray” whoever!

Today, all these ramifications can perhaps allow each one of us, to find what is more appropriate for each one and, if one believes in it, one can think that each one of us is sent where one must go!

Let us recall that if the way that one follows is not the right one, one does not go far, even if one often believes that one went far! The problem arises only when one successor declares himself as being the single legitimate successor!

At this point, I would like to highlight some “inaccuracies” which were reported by Babuji on the origin of Sahaj Marg and which are still in vogue within the SRCM. It should be remembered that, from Lalaji's death to the foundation of the SRCM and the arrival of the first disciples of Babuji, more than 10 years had passed… one knows that time erases all and causes all to forget…:

- Lalaji would have had a Master and perhaps more one

- The partly Sufi origin of the system is, today without any doubt

The writings of Lalaji have not disappeared, as in the fable of the SRCM, in which one tells us that a servant would have sold all the writings of Lalaji, thinking that they were papers to be thrown away. The writings of Lalaji apparently still exist, were written into Urdu, some were translated into English, but they were never put to our knowledge by the SRCM, if not in 2001, with the book “The Complete works of Ram Chandra-Lalaji- volume II”, but for a short period (considering that it practically disappeared from circulation), also for the fact that it dealt with a quite different teaching from that of Sahaj Marg and where one can understand that the so-called simplification of this latter is no other than the reduction and the amputatation of the teachings of Lalaji.

The practise of spiritual taught by Babuji does not correspond to that taught by Lalaji.

- Lalaji would have named at least 2 successors (heirs)

- Lalaji would not have discovered the central region. This point is most difficult and to speak about it is not obvious! But, in fact, the concept of the central region was taken up again by Lalaji following his contact with Radhasoami (and by reading the preceding radhasoami literature, one can have confirmation of it).

- Along with these “inaccuracies”, one could not miss, to complete the setting, the change of hiss own name to that of hiss Master.

I finish by giving you again the references of the books which, in my opinion, help to better understand all of that, if one wants to go deeper on certain points:

- “The supplements works of RAM Chandra - Lalaji- volume II, consequently published SRCM with 7000 copies in July 2001 and it seems that this book has strangely disappeared from circulation, and it does not seem to be a trace of it nowhere! It has become taboo! The only way to get it is to borrow it from an abhyasi who is or was subscribed for life and who will have received it systematically at the time. In this book, Lalaji starts with his Sufi experience and leads to his experience of Sant Mat, which he largely develops.

- The book of the researcher Thomas Dahnhardt. : “Exchange and continuity in indian sufism “. You will find out many things there about Lalaji.

- “- L' Anurag Sagar. ” “The ocean of Love“ allotted to Kabir. One understands many things there on "why" from masters of various levels! And what these levels are.

- Books of Kirpal Singh (one of the masters beyond Sant Mat): “The Wheel of Life, The Mystery of Death“ and many other books on the site: www.ruhanisatsangusa.org, which gives an much clearer and in-depth explanation than what we could read in Sahaj Marg, on spirituality.

- Baba Sawan Singh (another Master of Sant Mat) (if you succeed in finding them): “Philosophy of the Masters”. 6 or 7 volumes

- “Sar Bachan” of Soamiji Maharaj.
They are difficult to read, but their reading is worth the pain. They are in English.
Well on, they are only books, and they are used to impart some ready made, and prejudged ideas so as better to inform us, but there always remains true that nothing is worth the direct contact with the Masters and/or a valid practice with their (the Masters) assistance.

Here, I believe that with this letter, I concluded my intervention on the blogs, because frankly, I do not want any more to explore beyond! I spent many years with this research and it seemed to me right to communicate the fruits of it.

I greet all the brothers and sisters with all my heart.

Very Fraternally,


Testimonial originally published on Elodie's blog, in janvier 2007