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Marie Louise's Testimonial

Hello, Elodie…

I allow myself to answer your blog, because I belonged to SHRI RAM CHANDRA MISSION, 1988 to 1992, for 2 years with the Mission of Shahajanpur, not knowing that there was a “Living Master” by the name of Parthasarathi RAJAGOPALACHARI and 2 years with CHARI. There were considerable preceptors in Belgium, since I am Belgian, of which: Carine LEMAITRE, her sister Muriel LEMAITRE and their father GILBERT LEMAITRE; there was also Delphine SALKIN. With regard to the preceptors and the full-preceptors which I remember, in France, I had the occasion to meet: Jacky BARUCK and François DEROULEDE of Paris, Patrick FLEURY of Sanary-sur-mer (VAr) and Madeleine, who also lived in the South of France. I went many times to the Castle of Augerans and I remained in India, in 1991, for 4 weeks, and in 1992, for 7 weeks and I also met“Kasturi” there, which did not make me very impressed, I must say…

And it is after the latter voyage that I began to ask many questions and that I finally understood! And I dropped out, not without sadness and without difficulties… I have many health problems since… I will re-contact you to speak to you about my feelings in connection with true spirituality and about the meditation, if you allow me to! ? !

So long, Elodie.

Very cordially,



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Taken from Elodie's Blog: Pour Que Vive le Sahaj Marg

I translate the whole article:

The marriages of Sahaj Marg

A sad coincidence, revealing a deep malaise: I receive comments today on two marriages arranged by Chariji. The first comes from a (former?) Abhyasi married to a much older abhyasi and more committed to it (the Mission), the second form Alexis quoting the Master will soon be boasting of 2000 marriages celebrated. I take this opportunity to repeat the recent message of Cricri about this.

I would also like to share with you how recently happened the marriage of the daughter of a friend, as she told me: Chariji asked the girl if she wanted to marry an Indian, because they are better than the Europeans and he said she would have to live in India. She replied that Chariji knew better than what she needed. The same evening, the arranger had submitted an Indian whom she married a few days later. She told her mother that Chariji had decided what was good for her, without asking her anything (no input from the bride).


The Letter from the bride in a failed arranged marriage at SRCM (California)
(White European girl married to Indian older male, dedicated to the Mission)

Anonymous said…

Good morning,

I have long thought before writing you. Already, I am not always in agreement with your comments and how to deal with Chari, the mission and abhyasis. But it is also true that you touch points and weaknesses that are difficult to hide.

Even if this does not go on with the specific authorization of the mission, today I do feel more concerned by these directives. Selfish approach, exaggerated... I certainly expect such comments from the abhyasis of the Mission and it is also why I prefer to remain anonymous.

A psychologist would say that to write to you is a way to relieve me of my frustrations, which is not true. But I think today that I also have the right to inform those who find themselves in my same situation. Chariji married me (to a Indian man), and he continues to marry others (very) young European abhyasis (sometimes with Indian and very rapidly ...). I read the last message of "cri cri" in which he raised the discontent / dissatisfaction of couples married by Chariji. It would be interesting if he could say more, would it not?

I just severed with a stage of my life, a long and dark period of adjustment and commitment to a Mission that seems less and less spiritual. I have been committed for so long to a routine, a way of seeing things, a milieu which are now finally closed… and which had become my world, my life…. Very young and romantic, I naively decided to make my life with a more mature man and an abhyasi. I had admiration him for his spiritual practice, and I found this way of life a chance that opened before me. Although, what I had not seen or understood was the unsuspected importance that our Master would take in his life and in our lives. For my ex-husband, Chariji was his reason for living and the development of his mission was the reason for him to show (Chari) his love. Instead of seeing a rich and strong relationship being established, it is instead the suffering and frustrations that have accumulated to explode years later with the bitter realizaton of the time wasted. Despite the time I left slip between my fingers I feel liberated today and proud to have been able to open my eyes in time. My life starts again and my future is not assured, what's more I am no longer a young girl. I could no longer continue to live a life influenced by the Mission and that prevented the development of our couple. I loved my husband, but how do I forgive his neglect of me on behalf of his spirituality, and his mission? At one point I was advised to write to Chariji, but he did not respond. My husband later met with him about our problems and he later received us, but his gaze and approach to the situation finished by distancing me permanently. …

Need of tenderness, attention, affection, normal conduct….

I wake up today from a long sleep, which certainly will leave traces in my life as a woman. The intimate relationship with my husband were reserved for breeding, my sense of guilt has always pursued me, and finally the one who regrets and suffered, c'est moi (it is I). Needless to say that my decision to leave my husband was badly perceived by the circle of abhyasis, so I wanted to not be judged mainly by those who watched my suffering. I was even advised by them to take a step back and stay with my husband and my practice to emphasize that my faith in Chariji has never faltered. But how does one ask a frustrated and depressed woman to concentrate on the prayers if it was precisely this practice that had been the reason for my husband to abandon me? I could not just continue as a frustrated woman seeking a spirituality that becomes tired with disappointment and frustration. I would like to see these young abhyasis who without any preparation, unite as husband and wife, and far too quickly, think well before committing themselves, as if their lives were already conditionned with a final choice.




This Testimonial is from a young girl, (Misha) who is enamored with Chari, and other "movie idols", calls him her "boss", and thinks of herself as "his daughter"

See her site at: My Lifemisha

and this complete article at: http://mylifemisha.blogspot.com/2008/07/lucknow-nearly-50000-people-gathered-on.html

Few days back in my last talks as a wife with Mr xxxxxx, I told him that only thing which was lacking from his side was true love, if he would have loved me as I did, things would have been different, to which he replied that love is nothing and he believes in a different manner and also that he does not believe in the equality of men and women. I was wondering since then that I feel so deeply madly in love with this person who happens to be my husband, who doesn’t value me at all, how can I subside this feeling and was looking and waiting for answers from my Master. With so much of difference in opinions with this man I was all worried and tensed that, is my asking for love and valuing me wrong???? To my surprise my Master gave the answers of all my questions and discussions in his small talk. He emphasized that all relations can only work on the basis of Love. He particularly talked about married life. I felt relieved and happy at the same time. His words acted as an instrument of confidence generation for me.


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