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Hi all...

I add this research material and comments on Sahaj Marg for your info and discussion, as Sahaj Marg is mentionned on this "Virtual Ashram"…I, like the “lion” that Abhyasis are supposed to become, dare to RRROAR! in the Holy Shrine!!


Information sets us free....

Babuji used to say: It’s better to have no Master than a bad one….

If we could find a “Perfect” man, there would be no problem with Guru Yoga, but we know how difficult that is. Chari, the current Master of the Shri Ram Chandra Misssion, claims to be a Master of “Humanity”, not “spirituality”. In other words he knows from his “business” skills how to “manipulate” people and handle large crowds and “grow the business”. That is not “sprituality” but it is “power” and it impresses some people (mostly women, 75% of Sahaj Marg abhyasis or "disciples" )….We are in a “idol worshipping” society and Chari has the “silver haired” look …and that “sells”. But that is image. The proof is in the "pudding".

The process of voluntarily “emptying” or “cleaning” or “(brain-) washing” will give one an experience specially when the “target” is immediately transmitted to in a “heart to heart” system that has been “cleansed” (washed voluntarily to get rid of all desires such as problems with family, friends, job, life in general). The “two on one heart” can be seen as simply a ‘electromagnetic” or “psycho-magnetic” toy or game and one could classify that as “spiritual masturbation”. If the serf receives “energy” it is the energy and the “bonding” with the “preceptor” or (priest). This is done on a weekly basis while the Guru is at his one of his many “cottages” or “vatika’s” (Vatican).

We chose our loves and friends that way (push out all others and allow only one (or a few that we love (have a chemical reaction with) or trust (survival mechanism) to “transmit” to us and that we “open ourselves to”. Love does not emanate from Sahaj Marg except in one direction: from the abhyasis to “love for the Master” and recently to the Mission and the Method, at the cost of the family, society, job, the planet, etc… Of course that will give one a focus of energy which Sahaj Marg claims is the “Divine” but Beware….Chari is not the ONE (God) and although they claim “brotherly love”, that is not the experience of those who have been “rejected” to “never be allowed in” again as Chari says. And that is not the experience of the “rejected” other members of the family and friends of those who become “abhyasis” or “serfs” as one book calls the “disciples”

To surrender completely and become a “living dead” (the ideal in Sahaj Marg) in the hands of a Funeral Director and push out all the “attractions of Life” is pushing away all “responsibilities” also. In Sahaj Marg, no one seems responsible, not even the Guru, for what is said and taught. That is the way Sahaj Marg operates. Much like a religion with a dictator at the helm (so a cult??). Although Chari blames the "lack of Love" in Sahaj Marg (see Lessons From Sahaj Marg) on the "preceptors", he ultimately has to be held responsible as the system aims at "spiritual cloning" or the abhyasi is to become a "copy" or a "clone" of the Master.

Chari is even now arranging Marriages between (western) women and Hindu men who he claims are better that “occidentals”. That is their nationalist “spirituality”. (recently posted on Elodie’s blog, The Desperate Abhyasi (see link below) by an “exited” and “grateful” woman soon to be married by Chari)

Before becoming “dependent” on the Sahaj Marg and the current Master (a retired Mill Manager with one of the largest Industrial consortiums in India:The TTK Group), and/or the chief Preceptor (retired General Manager of State Bank of Mysore), and in charge of Foreign Affairs and Internet, (businessman and real estate developer, Austin, Texas) do some research in Europe and in North America. There are many blogs by "insiders", ex-disciples, preceptors, and leaders of many schisms.

Check out the composition and spiritual status of the “management team”. There have been accusations from within the group, that Chari is appointing only “Brahmins” (Hindu Upper class) to the “Management Team”. Books apparently written by some of the “insiders” such as “You too can sell” and “You too can be Rich” (S. Prakash) does not reflect “spirituality”, or the good of society, but selling of Material Goods and shows one aspect of the "philosophy" (or "no philosophy", as Chari, the Master claims is Sahaj Marg) of the Management TEAM of SRCM. These are not professors or philosophy as Dr. Varadachari, (Guru in waiting before Chari and his gang took over the society) or persons who have devoted their time and effort to the good of the community, but they are "self-serving" to themselves and to their wealthy (inter-nationalist) "clients".

So carefull about “emptying” your Mind to be filled in a “heart to heart” (also called "two on a heart" or "two on a Mind", as in hypnosis) transmission by Salesmen, Materialists or by psychologist, and psychiatrists from the “International Spritual Psychiatry Association”, (Europe) members of which are “preceptors of Sahaj Marg and who did and do research on their “abhyasi clients” (54 of them in Europe) for the benefit of their professional status and then for the benefit of the SRCM Mission. Chari arranged a meeting with this organization at his Ashram in India in the 1980’s after a seminar of that organization in Israel. Members of this organization are also contributors to the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation: SMSF,
the think tank of SRCM which was founded by Dr. Varadachari and is now controlled by the Chari Faction registered in California in 1997, or the SRCM (Chennai)

Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Chennai) (registered in California, in 1997 and managed from Chennai) is the Faction that calls Chari, ex CEO and ex-Manager of a Mill for the TTK Group of Companies in India, MASTER. See bulletin confirming status of SRCM (Chennai)

Shri Ram Chandra Mission (Shahjahanpur): (site of the Family of Founder, Babuji, registered in India in 1945)

Site of the SRCM (Shahjahanpur), the Family of the Founder, who refused to acknowledge Chari as the Successor of Babuji. See site (under "succession") for allegations of "forgery", and more...


(see documents and allegations under "successor", then "facts" and "Who can be?")


Supreme Court of India (Docket)
Shri Ram Chandra Mission & ANR versus P. Rajagopalachari & ORS
Civil Appeal No. 6619 of 2000

Allahabad High Court
The Pioneer (Daily Newspaper) vs Members of Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Newpaper The Pioneer CMYK Printech Ltd. (re sexual abuse article at SRCM that appeared in 2002) Criminal Misc Application 7930 of 2003 by The Pioneer to quash defamation cases 3199 of 20o2, Criminal Misc. Application 7931 of 2003 to quash defamation case 3200 of 2002, Criminal Misc Application 7932 of 2003 to quash the defamation case 3198 of 2002.

A Clarification has been sent by "anonymous" (SRCM-Shahjahanpur??) with mention of a "retraction" from the accuser at a hearing with the "National Human Rights Commission for Women". A link or a scan of the document has been requested. It will be posted here.

Navneet (Babuji's grandson) answers questions on TELL ME TRUTH INDIA site: (see Comments only)

On the Sufi lineage of Lalaji and Sahaj Marg, and the schisms in this Spiritual (Spirituality and Spiritualism) read (the old Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) on Wikipedia article has been deleted, read it here):

Lessons from Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) : (The old Wikipedia articles-now deleted from Wiki)

Lessons From Sahaj Marg (The old Wikipedia Articles-now Deleted from Wiki)

For a more comprehensive history of SRCM, see:

The Sahaj Marg Project:


The History of Shri Ram Chandra Mission:



Chari by French Abhyasi 01/06/2008
KC Narayana by Peter (French ex Preceptor of SRCM)
Transcript of video/audio tapes of talks by Chari, Nov. 2001


Dr. Chatterbuy’s group who was a true disciple of Lalaji and was apparently named his “successor”. Babuji named himself Lalaji’s “successor” 13 years after Lalji's death, after he had a “dream”.


Ramashram Mathura

Dr. Varadachari’s son (KC Narayana) leads this “breakaway” group, and claims Babuji as their Master (forever) after Dr Varadachari, a professor or Philosophy and “guru to be” before Chari and his group (Chari) took over the Mission. (read Michael’s blog, Inner Circle of SRCM, and Wikipedia for contesting of Chari's successorship of Babuji) Mr. Narayana was on the “Management committee” when Chari was named “successor” to Ram Chandra under the protest of Ram Chandra’s son,Umesh who had a letter which was “not authenticated” as “genuine” according to Mr Narayana. (see interview of Peter with Mr. Narayana on my blog: The World from Another Dimension)

Institute of Ram Chandra Consciousness

Notice: This site is called “spiritualism” and seems to be a “business” but claims Lalalji as their Master:

For a Sufi History of Lalaji, go to link and click on “Sufism in India and scroll down to photo of Lalaji: (According to RK Gupta)

For a Naqshbandiyya Sufi History from Lalaji’s Family lineage: (see Lalaji’s will and testament and one of many versions of the Golden Chain of Naqshbandiyya Sufism back to to Muhammed)

Then read the “official” story on SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute). The Muslim lineage is “non-existing” as this group of Brahmins try to claim that Lalaji “invented” or “re-introduced” the “heart to heart” transmission which was continuously operating in the Sufi tradition, so was not “lost”. Lalaji was the first “non-Muslim” Master of this Order of Sufism (Naqshbandyaa Order).


While on that site, go to Whispers from the Brighter World, a book of 600 messages channelled by a secret medium (rumoured to be a “french lady”) of Babuji and “other elevated souls”, all endorsing Chari and his “commercialization” of Sahaj Marg. This book is for sale for a "donation" of $250.00 US (this amount could change)

Lalaji, you will notice used many techniques and adapted the technique to the indivudual. Babuji, made it a “preceptor driven” transmission meditation with a “one recipe” fits all (MacDonald’s style rather that organic, personalized and biodiverse)

Where Babuji had a few hundred disciples, Chari now has 1500 centres and apparently, 300,000 disciples worldwide and still growing and is worth over 1 Billion US in real estate, according to Umesh Sexton, Babuji’s son who was President of SRCM and in charge of the Babuji memorial Ashram before the "take-over" by Chari's forces (see newpaper item on SRCM (Shahjahanpur) site) and he claims (in newspaper article) that Sahaj Marg will keep “all diseases at bay”.

Now if you’re interested in some highlights of the Teachings coming from Chari mouth in his speeches, his controversial remarks and his “organizational skills” of the “many-branched” lineage of the SRCM / SUFI Bush (Tree). See:

Quotes of Concern by the Masters of Sahaj Marg:


Lessons from Sahaj Marg:

Lalaji Memorial OMEGA School (LMOS)

Why OMEGA...Is it the END? Why not the BEGINNING and the END as in the Greek: Alpha/Omega? Was it to make the LMOS or (Living Modified OrganismS)? Sahaj Marg could be described as "SPIRITUAL CLONING" or making COPIES of the MASTER:
LMOS is now a "Religious Residential Boarding School".

The experience of this structure in North America is now "IN THE NEWS" and is costing a great price to many Christian Religious Organizations who target "children" and hence became "PEDOPHILE MAGNETS" for deviants from all around the world... Send you children to the "BROTHERS and SISTERS" of SAHAJ MARG at your own PERIL. Babuji warned of targeting children with the "dangerous system" below the age of 18 yrs old. The LOVE of Religion and the OBEDIENCE of School creates a POWER IMBALANCE in favour of the BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The Child is dis-empowered. This attracted many criminals to other such structures.

LMOS was originally managed by the Baal (meaning: "Master" in India and generic name for "Demon" in other cultures ie Baalzebub or Beelzebub) Vatika (meaning: "hermitage" or Vatican) Education Foundation. Name of Management organization has now changed to Lalaji Memorial Educational Society.

Chariji Education Development Society (another foundation)

Operates the school called:

SRCM and the UN DPI Program:

Autobiography of Ram Chandra (by S.P. Shrivastava-selected quotes from 80% of Babuji's Journal...(SRCM-Chennai's version only contains 20% of Babuji's Journal) comments by Christian, 18 yrs an abhyasi, now an "ex"since Chari's take-over)

Cease and Desist order
Letter to UN DPI Program

Blogs of dissociated, questioning and ex-members of SRCM:

Michael (Austin Texas) was Preceptor, member of Chari's Inner Circle, and Publishing/Editor of Chari's Material)...Chari was trying to replace "preceptors" loyal to SRCM "Babuji's family" with some loyal to "him". After the "dirty deed" Michael was "fired". SRCM (California) was re-registered in 1997. SRCM (Shahjahanpur), registered in 1945 by Babujii is still in operation in India.

Inner Circle of SRCM

http://innercircleofsrcm.blogspot.com/ Inner Circle of SRCM

Elodie was an abhyasi and on her blog are preceptors that have “defected” to other groups (French and some English)

The Desperate Abhyasi (Pour Que Vive Le Sahaj Marg) - Fr & Eng

http://pourquevivelesahajmarg.blogspot.com/ The Desperate abhyasi web-site- Fr & Eng

Alexis (an outsider, and non meditator) has kept an eye on Sahaj Marg and SRCM™ for years and has an English section on his site:

Mielk - A French Analysis- Fr. & Eng



Le Projet Sahaj Marg:

The Sahaj Marg Project: (the whole history and documents)

Frank is an ex-Zonal-in-Charge for the SRCM(tm) of Chari's for the Netherlands. He now has a Blog called:

Pitfalls of Spirituality

Vincent (Belgium) is the husband of an abhyasi who accuses Sahaj Marg of destroying his family. He now wants to get his grand-children out of this group.

Le Sahaj Marg a Detruit Ma Famille (Sahaj Marg Destroyed My Family)-Fr.

Christian (Switzerland-and in USA) was an Abhyasis for 18 years. He has a French blog. He is a Phd in Research Psychology and he analyses the SRCM written material in depth. (See his e-mail exchange with Chari (or his office) before Christians "resignation")

Christian's old blog "SPYDI" is now taken down but you can now read Christian (or Cri Cri) on Elodie's Blog) or on his new blog:

Analyse de la SRCMtm

Shashwat, 26 yr old engineer and Ex-abhyasis from India:

Freedom to Speak – Power to Speak

Cult-awareness.html SRCM Cult of India

Freedom From SRCM


Sites with similar lineage from Sufi and Lalaji:

http://www.sriramchandra.org/ Institute of Ramchandra Consciousness (ISRC)
http://www.sahajsevasamsthan.org/# Sahaj Seva Samsthan – Social Services (ISRC)
http://imperience.org/ Imperience – Research and Training (ISRC)
http://www.ramashram.com/ Yogabhyas
http://www.angelfire.com/journal/yoga1/ Yogabhyas
http://laalaajinilayam.googlepages.com/home NaqshMuMRa Nexus (Lalaji’s Family)
http://www.geocities.com/sufisaints/ Naqshbandiyya Sufi Saints (RK Gupta)
http://www.abssatsang.org/index.htm ABS Satsang
http://astrologerjolly.tripod.com/ramashram.htm Anupam Jolly (Vedic Astraologer)

Sahaj Marg and Raja Yoga for Sale:

Shruti Counseling Services (now taken down in 2008, why??)
(SRCM and Raja Yoga philosophy for sale as a product)
http://www.shruticounselingservices.com/LWI.htm Shruti Counseling Services, USA

Shree Ram Sharnam

United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) Program

Jehova's Witnesses withdraw their application for "membership" rather than adhere to UNDPI criteria.

From: Wikipedia
Groups referred to as Cults in Government documents

French Government Reports on Cult Activity that include SRCM:

http://www.miviludes.org/IMG/pdf/Report_MIVILUDES_2003.pdf Miviludes
(See page 81 and see footnotes 24)

http://www.assemblee-nationale.fr/rap-enq/r2468.asp French National Assembly (1995)
http://cftf.com/french/Les_Sectes_en_France/cults.html#page66 Translation of French National Assembly (1995) (SRCM is in the list of “sectes nuisibles” ("harmful sects" or "cults") in France)

French Cult Research sites (that have info on SRCM):

http://www.prevensectes.com/shriram.htm Prevensectes
http://membres.lycos.fr/mielk/index.html Mielke- Membres Lycos

French Press
Articles about SRCM and Sahaj Marg in the French Newspapers and "on-line" sites:

Council of Europe

Recommendation 1412 (1999)1
Illegal activities of sects
(Extract from the Official Gazette of the Council of Europe – June 1999)


Translation: (Information and Advice Centre on Harmful Sectarian Organizations)
CIAOSN (Belgium) (SRCM book has been added to Library)
http://www.ciaosn.be/biblioa.htm CIAOSN (Belgium Government)

German Cult info site (Ger):
http://www.relinfo.ch/srcm/info.html Relinfo

Canada Revenue Agency
(Registered in Canada as “Charity”)
Charities list - Search: enter Shri Ram Chandra Mission, North York, Ontario, Canada

US Department of the Treasury
(Registered in US as 50% Charity)
Internal Revenue Service

For: SMRTI (Sahaj Marg Research and Teaching Institute) and the SMSF Inc. (Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation)
( Registered in US as 50% Charity)
Enter: Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation Inc., Austin, Texas

For: Shri Ram Chandra Mission

Enter: Shri Ram Chandra Mission, San Luis Obispo, California

The Regulator for Charities for England and Wales
For SRCM UK.... Sahaj Marg... SRCM(UK)


Canada Revenue Agency:

Enter: Shri Ram Chandra Mission, North York, Ontario


Chat Sites where Sahaj Marg and Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM™) are discussed:

http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=581777 Orkut (Sahaj Marg – Karan Jami)
http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=12206030 Orkut (Sahaj Marg-Akash Gaur)
http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=19451513 Orkut (SRCM-Sahaj Marg-Vipin Matoliya)
http://www.orkut.com/CommTopics.aspx?cmm=24873318 Orkut (Freedom From SRCM
Shashwat Pandey)

http://p092.ezboard.com/fmovingintostillnessfrm11.showMessageRange?topicID=69.topic&start=521&stop=534 Guru Yoga- Chris Crumb (This site is now inactive... see discussion on Sahaj Marg and SRCM in the archives)

Belief Net (Discussion)

All this info has been gathered over years of research and has been “opposed” by the “Mission” at every step of the way. They do not want this info out…Why?? Is it not “spirituality” and hence “open”??? NOT!!


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