Monday, June 16, 2008

Battles on the WEB

Battles on the Web

(Last update: January 21, 2008)

Chari's clan and the clan of the descendants of Babuji have not only fought for the presidency of the SRCM, but also on the web for the ownership of the domain names.

In 1996, a preceptor of the clan of Umesh Chandra Saxena moved to the USA. He created in 1998 the website '' where he published the first letters of nomination by Babuji of Chari and Umesh Chandra Saxena. The Chari clan quickly called for arbitration by the United States Commission, which confirms the ownership of this website to the clan of the descendants of Babuji April 4, 2000 (More ...).

According to the preceptor, the pressures exerted by the clan of Chari will cause Umesh to give up, despite this first decision in his favour.

Second episode in 2007, the grandson of Babuji, Navneet Kumar Saxena, creates a new website '' in February 2007 where he publishes again the 2 letters of nomination and some serious accusations against Chari and his clan.

The website content change on January 12, 2008, muzzling the descendants of Babuji, following a decision by the Arbitration Commission of India in favour of the clan of Chari in July 2007 (More ...).

Meanwhile, other websites have made a fleeting appearance, all from the clan of the descendants of Babuji. This was the case with '' or '' ...

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